What We Do

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    You might be asking yourself what exactly is it that we do?

    How can Clear Sky legal help you?

    The normal process is that you are getting divorced and wish to start proceedings. That is where we can help. We advise you to your rights and the procedural aspects of divorce. We guide you through the whole process, what to expect and how to counter and manage any issues that you may face when dealing with a difficult partner. We shall complete all the paperwork on your behalf.

    With divorce comes the inevitable division of assets. This usually involves the matrimonial house, savings, pension and any other valuables that you have accumulated throughout the marriage. We can help with this process by offering our expert advice, guidance and even attend court with you to offer support. We will help and support you through the application forms, paperwork and documents that you receive both from court and your ex-partner.
  • Child Arrangement Orders

    Parents often clash about children and who they shall live with. Often one parent stops the children’s contact with the other parent. This is sometimes a natural and sad fallout from a divorce. Whilst we advocate that parents should try to try to reach an agreement themselves Clear Sky Legal is here to help.

    We will explain your rights as a parent and what to expect and how proceedings will progress. We can help you with the paperwork when you issue proceedings or have had proceedings issued against you. This is usually a very difficult and emotional time for everyone involved.

    This is where Clear Sky Legal provides you with much needed clarity and a clear way forward. We take the stress from you. Clear Sky Legal Services has over a decade of family law experience. Our knowledge, expertise and guidance are geared to make your life easier and less traumatic during this difficult time.