Islamic Divorce

Did you know that:

"Shariah Law allows for the Talaq rights to be reverted to the wife!"

At the time of the nikah the wife can stipulate in the marriage certificate that she has the right to give her husband talaq and not vice versa!

A common problem facing Muslim women when they separate from their husbands is

that they usually don't have the rights of divorce under Shariah Law. This means that only the husband has the right to divorce the wife. If the wife wants a divorce, she must apply for a khulla. This is usually done through the Shariah Council who then contact the husband several times and then issue the divorce.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases where the Shariah Council have attempted to reconcile the parties even though the wife does not wish for this.

There are also instances where the Shariah council have insisted that the wife must attend mediation and a face to face meeting with the husband. The Shariah Council usually consists of an all-male panel and this can be very intimating and unsettling for the wife.

A report commissioned by the BBC highlighted the problems faced by Muslim women in this process.

At Clear Sky Legal Services, we promise you the following:

  • All our Islamic Divorces are Shariah compliant
  • We will NOT demand that you have a meeting with your former partner either face to face or by any other means
  • Your Islamic divorce process will be granted after the Shariah process has been complied with
  • There will be NO pressure for you to reconcile and the Council will not insist on this
  • We operate a “Client First” policy where your wishes and feelings are paramount
  • You will not have to reveal any personal details relating to the breakdown of the marriage EXCEPT a short statement that you will approve
At Clear Sky Legal Services, we aim to provide an Islamic Divorce service that is quick, transparent and as smooth as possible.

If you have separated from your husband and he is unwilling to give you the Islamic divorce please contact us.
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