Let's not beat around the bush.

Going through divorce, contact for children and sorting out the matrimonial finances and assets is a daunting and an unpleasant experience. It is tough, mentally and financially. It can take months, if not years and the toll it takes on your health and mental state can be significant

What do we do?

Simple. We assist and guide you through the process.

We are there to help you in every and any way we can, from helping you with the application process, to drafting statements and responses to seeking representation for you and even attending court with you. Together we handle every facet of the case from beginning to end. Through our expertise and experience in this field we can make this journey less daunting, less traumatic and we offer the personal touch that is sadly lacking when it comes to divorce and family matters.

Let us be clear though. We are not solicitors. We are not regulated by the SRA.

Why you ask?

The short answer is that we are not acting as solicitors when providing services through Clear Sky Legal Services. Law firms comprise solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and when we provide services we are not regulated or authorised by the SRA.

The longer answer requires a bit of background and has plenty of jargon which we try to avoid. It is important however so please read on to get the full picture.

In the UK, there are certain activities which are “reserved” to solicitors (and in some cases other authorised, regulated persons like barristers or licensed conveyancers).

These are:

  • the exercise of a right of audience
    (i.e. the right to act as an advocate in court);
  • the conduct of litigation;
  • conveyancing;
  • probate activities;
  • notarising; and
  • the administration of oaths.

We do not conduct any of these reserved activities. We provide legal advice which is not an activity reserved to solicitors. As legal consultants, we conduct the same activity, using the same skills and knowledge, but without being authorised or regulated as solicitors or as a law firm. So it doesn’t make any difference to our work.

So why don’t we just set up a law firm?

The answer is simple. We are a lean, highly approachable and agile set up and we try to keep our running costs to a minimum. This way we can charge far less than authorised solicitors or a law firm (you would be surprised!). We do not pay annual subscriptions to the Law Society or the SRA. Our insurance is also greatly reduced as we are not conducting any reserved activities.

We are open and honest about our service and therefore the following must be noted about our services.

  • Solicitors are subject to rules issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority relating to the conduct of their business. We are not subject to these rules. However, it is in our interest to act for the best of our Client. It would be foolish to do otherwise. Despite being a solicitor and regulated by the SRA there are many rogue solicitors operating. Common decency and our work ethic dictate that we always do what is in the best interest of our clients.
  • If you’re unhappy with the service received from a solicitor, you can raise a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman. If you’re unhappy with our service, then you cannot complain to the Legal Ombudsman but will have to raise your complaint with us directly. Rest assured this will not happen.
  • We have business insurance that covers us for any claims up to £1,000,000.00.

Unregulated service providers are proving more and more popular as an alternative to use regulated solicitors. The Law Gazetter published an article on the rise and the benefits of using unregulated service providers.

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