Welcome to Clear Sky Legal Services

Here we do things differently! 

We are the Family Law Specialists

What Makes Clear Sky Legal Special

Get rid of any ideas or preconceived notions you have of law firms and how they are and how they work. If you’re looking for an expensive, jargon talking, bill you by the minute law firm then you are in the wrong place!

  1. Affordability Consultation


    We don't charge by the hour, by the letter or by the email!
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  2. Divorce Accessibility


    We don't work the usual 9-5 - we're available to suit you - not us
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  3. Approachability


    Simple clear language -
    absolutely no jargon
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About Clear Sky Legal

Then what are we and what do we do? We are a Legal Services provider. We can provide help, advice, assistance and a whole lot more when you are going through a divorce, dividing the assets of the marriage and having issues seeing your children.

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So What Is The Difference?

So what is the difference between us and the rest?

For more on that go to our About Page, but in brief the main difference is affordability, accessibility and approachability.

Unlike most law firms we don’t have billing targets, we don’t close at 5.00pm and we are always here when you need us. We don’t bill by the hour and we certainly don’t charge the amount other law firms do.

We don’t bill you for every email and letter like other firms do. We don’t need to! That’s not our way.

We are human beings and treat you like one too. We understand what you are going through and are here to help, guide, assist and do whatever possible to make the journey easier, smoother and less painful. We understand that you need someone by your side that you can trust, rely on and who will be there for you.

Oh and we don’t do jargon. Simple. Clear. Language.

Clear Sky Legal Google Review

What can I say about Jav. Apart from being fantastic at his job, he has always been the voice of reason, the source of good advice and ultimately removed the anxiety from what was a stressful time during my childrens’ case and now my divorce finances. I would recommend him every time. Thank you!

Would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Jav. I spoke to him on the phone and he instantly asked me to meet with him. He explained everything so well. He listened attentively and helped put my mind at ease. He is so friendly, professional but yet so down to earth. Truly amazing. Thank you so much for the support. Highly recommend to all!

I am very pleased that I used the services of Clear sky legal. From start to finish, I have been updated on my case and I felt supported and understood. Thank you so much Javaid for making everything go so smoothly. I very much recommend your services.

My experience with Clear Legal Sky has been absolutely amazing dealing with my divorce. Very professional and reliable. Javaid has been very understanding and took all the stress away . He dealt with everything so quickly and smoothly couldnt be happier ! Highly recommend 100%

Thank you so much Javaid

My experience with Clear Sky Legal services...what can I say,absolutely fab. Jav is a bubbly,honest person. I felt 100% comfortable talking to him about my situation. Never felt judged, always left his office with a smile on my face and 100% reassured that things will only get better. I can genuinely say I AM 100% HAPPIER. He took care of everything would highly recommend.